Thursday 14 January 2016

Soldiers in Silloth

I’m Cumbrian but some of my collection of soldiers will be on display in London next week. Helping to promote IKEA! Their PR people approached me about my “fascinating” collection to ask if I would lend some figures to show off IKEA display cases at an exhibition in a gallery in Dalston, North London. I suspect they actually spotted me in the “Dull Men of Great Britain” book!
Anyway I’m bringing about a thousand figures to put in their cabinets – some classic metal but also Herald, Eyes Right, Elastolin, Starlux, Reamsa, Athena etc. and some oddities such as the semi-flat plastics produced in the Soviet Union in the seventies.  The plastics of the 1950/60s are my personal favourites so Lone Star, Cherilea and co are represented.
They’re at The Proud Archivist, 2-10 Hertford Rd, London N1 5ET. January 21st-23rd, 8am to 10.30pm. Visit 
Any PW readers in the London area are welcome to come along so if you have time to publish this I would be grateful.
Warm wishes to all