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Plastic Warrior Publications - Fully illustrated, A4 size softback format, monochrome publications covering all aspects of collecting plastic toy soldiers and figures. New titles are being added regularly (some are now being produced in colour).
Airfix – The Early Days
Airfix was the first company to produce plastic toy soldiers in England. This publication features many of the early toys they produced; includes an interview with their first employee; trade advertising from the 1940s and photos of their early factory.  (28 pages, full colour and black-and-white photos)

Britains ‘Eyes Right’ Special 
A history of the range; a listing of all the parts used; illustrated with Britain’s catalogue pages; quotes from the people who made them. (16 pages)

Cole’s Encounters of the Third Kind
How Peter Cole, author of ‘Suspended Animation’, came to be working for Britains, and his continuing relationship with the firm. Plus, a review of Britains educational booklet and video. (32 pages)

 Britains Motorcycles
A special publication based on research by Colin Penn, this covers the production of Britains highly regarded motorcycle series.  (20 pages, full colour photos)


Speedwell Special
Until quite recently little was known of this minor British manufacturer. Now a new document has surfaced which gives us more information on their range. (20 pages)

Trojan Special
Another minor maker, very well regarded by collectors. Includes their original price lists of all products. (24 pages)

UNA & VP Special
Two minor makers of which very little is known. This is our attempt to get what is known and what is not known in print. Includes toy trade ads and ways to identify the figures. (24 pages)

Kentoys Special
All the known figures by this minor but important maker. (12 pages, full colour photos)

Cavendish Special
A minor but important maker of English plastics, sold in colourful paint styles, so they deserve to be shown in colour!  (12 pages, full colour photos)

Pioneers in Plastic - The Kleeware Story
Something of a departure for Plastic Warrior as it is not about a plastic soldier manufacturer, but is the story of one of the pioneers of the plastic toy industry in England. (28 pages)

Malleable Mouldings Special
All that is known on this pioneering plastic figure maker and its history. (12 pages)

Poplar Plastics Special
Toy soldiers by this early British plastic manufactures  (20 pages)

 Timpo Solid Figures
A checklist of all the known solid plastic figures by Timpo (before they started to make swoppet and overmoulded types).  (28 pages, full colour photos)

Guide to UK Makers 
Directory listing and brief history of over 100 firms and 40-plus designers and sculptors who were involved in making plastic toy soldiers in the UK. (20 pages)

Chitson’s Chivalry 
54mm medieval wargames rules specially written for PW with plastic figures in mind. (16 pages)

The Worst of the First 
By popular demand, re-prints of feature articles from early PW magazines. Reconstituted article-type product – now with added spelling and grammar! (32 pages)

From Lead to Plastic
The transition years between hollowcast lead and plastic figures. (24 pages)

Lone Star Modern Army Vehicles
Diecast vehicles to accompany the plastic soldiers. (16 pages)

One of the questions we are asked most often is: where did they get the ideas for toy soldiers?
In this publication we attempt to answer with examples of artwork that has been the inspiration for plastic figure poses. (28 pages)

Men In Tights
Robin Hood figures in plastic from around the world. (32 pages)

Circus Special
A compilation of photos and articles about circus figures in plastic from around the world. (24 pages)

March or Die!
Special publication on Foreign Legion and Arab figures in plastic by British makers. (28 pages)
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